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Zac Jones

PathWave movement creator Zac Jones has spent a lifetime immersed in movement. Initially training in ballet at the Australian Ballet School he danced with Queensland Ballet and Expressions Dance Company before pursuing the study of martial arts including Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Systema, Arnis and Aikido. Concurrently with his training in martial arts he began studying Somatics, including Continuum with Amber Grey, Skinner Releasing and Ideokinetics with Wendy Smith, Franklin Method and Pilates with Bruce Hildebrand and Unwind with Gavin Clarke. From practising these methods together Zac began to develop the ideas contained in PathWave Movement and in 2013 undertook a Research Masters at Victorian College of the Arts in order to further his investigations. In 2012 Zac teamed up with Adam Wood of Armstrongs Singing to create Sing Easy - a method of voice and body release for singers. As a teacher Zac has taught ballet and contemporary dance, martial arts and Pilates and movement conditioning at some of Melbourne’s premier training institutions including The Australian Ballet School, The Victorian College of the Arts and Aikido Shudokan. He is currently Studio Director at Back in Health Pilates in the Rialto Towers in Melbourne’s CBD. In September 2016 Zac’s work The Right Unravelling, an exploration of dance, martial arts and music, presented with sound artist Ziggy Zeigeist for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, was nominated for Best Dance Award. In March 2017 he will be taking The Right Unravelling to The Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Restorative Resources - Continuum Santa Fe & Australia

Continuum is a movement practice pioneered by Emilie Conrad that engages the body in the totality of our current physical reality. Continuum increases mobile flexibility, motility, well-being, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality on many levels.

Gavin Clarke

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:56 - 17.8MB) | Embed Gavin Clarke is an independent dancer, choreographer, musician and avid contact improviser who just completed his honours at UNSW. We chat with Gavin about: bibliography of some things mentioned: Horgen, J. 1994, Can Science Explain Consciousness, Scientific American Journal page 76-77 Kornhuber, H.

PathWave Movement

PathWave Movement is a evolutionary new movement method.

Created by choreographer and martial artist Zac Jones from a fusion of dance, somatic and martial arts, PathWave Movement allows you to locate and create movement from three fundamental aspects of your body: Breathing, Connective Tissue and Release of tension. Once these three fundamentals of movement have been mastered they can be applied to any skill, art or technique.

Used by singers, athletes, dancers and musicians to find the next level of their performance capacity, PathWave Movement is also highly effective in rehabilitation from injury, stress relief, and improving alignment and deep muscular strength.

How it works

Whilst traditional forms of alignment training ask the body to find an ideal posture and maintain it, PathWave Movement recognises that the body is in a state of constant movement flux. Only by working from and with this flux can better ways of aligning the body be achieved.

Incorporating suspension training and trigger point release, PathWave Movement allows you to feel the same as you would in water: connected, fluid, relaxed - yet totally responsive.

Every movement in your body can then be felt in relation to the whole, so when areas of overloading or strain are identified, the whole body adapts to absorb and distribute the pressure equally through every part.

Because your body wants to move with freedom, is designed to be connected in every action, and knows how good being relaxed feels, PathWave Movement is accessible for everybody at any stage in their life or training.

To find out more or to book a PathWave Movement session contact Zac:

Phone: 0410 660 508